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PX Ranger / Mazda BT50 Transmission Cooler for Towing

January 30th, 2018 by Kallie Stewart | Category: Uncategorized

Are you towing or doing off-road driving with your Ford PX Ranger or Mazda BT50 6 speed auto? Bring down the transmission operating temperature to a reasonable level by having a External Transmission Cooler Kit fitted.

The experience that we are having with these vehicles are that they are operating at high temperatures resulting in damage to the torque converter inside the transmission. We recommend all owners of the Ranger or BT50 fit an external transmission cooler to prevent overheating your transmission and causing fatal internal damage.

Solid, Reliable and Cool

Rowell & Searle Auto can install a specially designed External Transmission Oil Cooler Kit to keep the Transmisson Temperature of your vehicle under control. The kit is designed specifically for the Ford Ranger PX Series 1 and 2 and the Mazda BT50. It bypasses the heat exchanger on the side of the transmission; which is known to allow coolant into the transmission if the internals break. This would be very bad news for your auto. The other problem is from factory the auto is kept at a constant high temperature – around 100 degrees. This allows very little room for natural heating in high stress environments (such as towing, stop-start driving, off-road driving etc) as we recommend your transmission gets to no more than 125 degrees.

Fitting an External Transmission Cooler Kit will allow the temperature of the transmission to come down to more normal operating temperature ensuring a longer life of your oil, seals and better driving experience.

The External Transmission Oil Cooler kit for the Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50 6 Speed is a full kit that includes:

Dual Core Cooler Ranger BT50

  • Custom Designed Laser Cut Steel Cooler Brackets
  • External Transmission Crossflow Oil Cooler
  • Replacement Transmission Cooler Unions
  • High Temp Cooler Hose and Fittings
  • Bypass Fittings to Prevent Coolant Contamination

***Edited to add: We are now recommending and installing Double Cooler Kits – with 2 transmission coolers sitting back to back in the bracket assembly. This is after customers have found the single cooler kits aren’t always sufficient for heavy towing or heavy off road driving ***

You should also make sure you are having your automatic transmission serviced every 40,000 km. The 6R80 transmissions require special 6 speed low viscosity fluid which we keep in stock and carry all the required parts. By servicing your transmission regularly, you will ensure the oil maintains it’s heat dissipating properties and keeps everything running smoothly internally. We will also be able to warn you if the transmission or torque converter are starting to display signs of wear.

We also highly recommend installing a ScanGauge II ODB Gauge to your vehicle which plugs into your OBD port and can read and display your automatic transmission operating temperature. It is a much cheaper option than installing a temperature gauge and has a lot more functions which includes reading and clearing fault codes. For further information read our article here.

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