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Services / Diagnostic Checks

Has an engine management or check engine light appeared or is flashing on your dash? Is your car suddenly barely accelerating, seems to be starting in a high gear and won’t shift?

Don’t panic, if you see this light, it means the computer system on your vehicle has detected a problem within the various systems it controls. In most instances when this light appears, a diagnostic trouble code will be stored within the computer system to help identify the fault.

What Is A Diagnostic Check?

When your “check engine” light turns on, drive over to the Rowell & Searle shop because it’s time for you to get an automotive diagnostic service check. We use special tools to link to your vehicle’s onboard computer system to work out the cause of the problem. Once the code reader is plugged in, we can retrieve the trouble codes stored in your computer’s memory. These codes are exactly what dealers use to diagnose and repair your vehicle. Once we retrieve the fault codes, we can, in most instances, tell you the problem with your car, what is required to repair the fault, and the cost of repair very quickly.

Why Is My Check Engine Light Blinking At Me?

There are many reasons why a check engine light may be blinking at you while you’re driving. These issues usually indicate a computer system fault, such as a faulty switch, sensor or wiring fault. Rowell & Searle’s engine diagnostic service can help you figure out why the light is blinking. Some of the leading causes of blinking lights on your dashboard are the sensors are faulty, loose or faulty gas cap, replace spark plugs or wires, and even the check oxygen level sensor. By taking your car into Adelaide’s leading mechanic shop for their automotive diagnostic services, you can get to real answers from really experienced mechanics.

If You Ignore The Light, What Might Happen?

Your vehicle may enter into “limp mode” or “fail safe” where it runs on a predetermined program in 3rd gear to allow you to “limp” home or to your mechanical workshop. If the check engine light turns on when you start your car before work, you drive to work and drive home instead of stopping in at Adelaide’s Rowell & Searle the problem could become worse. The blinking light on your dash is there for a reason and could be warning you of a potentially expensive fix if you don’t act soon. As soon as you start having drivability problems, that’s when you know that you can’t wait any longer to take it in.

So when you see the engine light turn on don’t panic, just make sure you visit Rowell & Searle for their automotive diagnostic service as soon as you can.