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Services / Clutch Replacements

Manual gearboxes and clutches are quite prone to wear and tear over time.  If you start to hear crunching, grinding or slipping when you change gears it’s time to come and visit us before you cause further problems with the driveline and the cost of repair gets higher.

At Rowell & Searle we have the facilities and the expertise to perform clutch replacements and install reconditioned or second hand manual gearboxes, for all makes and models from typical family cars to high end European vehicles. So we can get you in and back on the road quickly with no mucking around.

Clutch Replacement specialists in Adelaide

Our specialties include:

    • clutch adjustments
    • clutch replacements
    • flywheel machining


Why should you service your Manual gearbox regularly?

As with most things in life, prevention is better than cure, and it will be a lot better for both your car and wallet than if you leave things until they get bad. We can conduct inspections for noise, oil leaks and worn bushes, to help make sure that they don’t get worse.

Clutch Repairs and Replacements

It may be just a replacement clutch cable or you need to replace the whole clutch kit – including the clutch plate, pressure plate and the release bearing. We can even replace the clutch master and slave cylinder in the case of a leak or failure.

When shifting gears in your manual transmission car starts to get tough or sloppy, book in to see us so we can check the gearbox and clutch over and repair them before it’s too late.  And in the case that you do need a clutch replacement we’ll make sure the job is done professionally and reliably so that there’s no ongoing problems.