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CVT Transmission Repairs Adelaide

October 10th, 2018 by Kallie Stewart | Category: Tips & Advice Transmissions

At Rowell & Searle Auto, we specialise in transmissions including Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) service and repairs. If you drive a vehicle with a CVT transmission, then you need an automotive service center with experience, the latest diagnostic equipment and a reputation for quality.

Rowell & Searle Auto provide CVT servicing, minor in-house repairs, major overhauls and replacement units if required. We can repair your CVT transmission in-house to provide a more cost effective option than replacement.

What is a CVT?

Some vehicles have a CVT or single speed transmission. This is a type of automatic transmission that adjusts between low gear and high gear while your drive. Many small car manufacturers like Nissan, Subaru and Toyota use CVTs which have a reputation for good fuel economy and smooth acceleration. Find out more about your CVT Transmission operation here.

Do I Have a CVT Problem?

Common CVT Transmission Problems

We see many transmissions issues per week. Common CVT problems involve:

  • Low Transmission Fluid
  • Lack of Transmission Servicing
  • Damaged or Failed Bearing(s)
  • Overheating Transmission (particularly from towing)
  • Insufficient Cooling for Australian Climates
  • Constant Whining or Grinding Sound
  • Warning Light On Dash

CVT technology is newer and becoming more standard in small vehicles. Not every automotive service center is equipped to restore CVT performance. At Rowell & Searle Auto, we have specialist technicians on staff who understand the faults and requirements of your single speed transmission.

If you’re experiencing problems or just need regular maintenance performed, stop by our workshop today, contact us online or give us a call.

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