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VW Audi Shudder on Acceleration

October 5th, 2018 by Kallie Stewart | Category: Transmissions

Do you drive a VW or an Audi with the DSG transmission and are starting to experience a shudder on acceleration? We can help you without having to go back to the dealer!


VW Audi shudder


Many Volkswagen and Audi’s on the road today are installed with a DSG transmission which is a new type of automatic transmission.

A traditional automatic transmission uses a number of clutch packs to produce the desired output ratio. This works fine, but it has drawbacks, one of the biggest being fuel efficiency. Conversely, manual transmissions use solid metal gears and a single manually operated clutch. This setup creates less resistance and better fuel efficiency, but it means the driver has to deal with pesky clutch pedals and gear levers.

DSG stands for Direct-Shift Gearbox, and it incorporates the best of both worlds into its design. Using an advanced electro-hydraulic control module to control clutch application and gear shifting, the DSG is able to bring the driving comfort of a full automatic to the table while still getting the greater efficiency of the manual-style gears. Furthermore, it makes use of a dual clutch assembly, where one clutch is responsible for even numbered gears and the other for odd numbered gears, improving shifting quality further. Find out more about how DSG’s work here.

Clutch Shudder

We are starting to see many of these 6 and 7 speed DSG (also known as dual clutch) transmissions coming into our workshop with various faults. The most common fault we are experiencing from approx 50,000 – 70,000 km onward is a shudder on acceleration or take-off, which may get worse as the vehicle warms up. The juddering sensation is most noticeable on gearshifts—particularly at lower speeds. The problem likely lies in the clutch assembly and unfortunately is a simple matter of wear and tear. The only way to rectify the fault is to replace the Clutch Assembly.

There are aftermarket and genuine kits available that allow for the replacement of the clutch assembly, and oftentimes that will cure the fault. Our workshop has the specialist installation tools which are required to carry out this repair.

Mechatronic Failure

The other common issue we are experiencing with these transmissions/gearboxes are with the mechatronic assembly or the electro-hydraulic control unit. If your vehicle is going into limp mode or failsafe mode (where it detects a fault and limits itself to one gear and will often be accompanied by an indicator on the dashboard), there will be trouble codes saved in the computer to explain why it has done this. We will need to scan your vehicle with the genuine scan tool to find out what those codes are.

If the codes mention “clutch limits reached” (or something similar), there’s a good chance the problem is your clutch. Typically (though not always) this won’t occur until after the aforementioned juddering/shuddering fault has been present for a period of time. If the codes mention any sensors, gear ratios, or unexpected mechanical disengagements, the problem is almost certainly your mechatronic. The mechatronic is the name given to the electro-hydraulic control unit that is responsible for controlling the gearbox. We can also replace this unit in your vehicle.


If you are having driveability issues with your Volkswagen or Audi, call us today on 8221 6694 and have a chat about how we can help you diagnose the fault with your vehicle and provide a quote to repair. Or you can book an appointment online for us to inspect and diagnose your vehicle. Rowell & Searle Auto are your local experts on DSG transmissions in Adelaide.

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