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True or False: Only Dealers Can Service New Vehicle Under Warranty

October 28th, 2015 by Kallie Stewart | Category: Tips & Advice


True or false: Until your vehicle is out-of-warranty, it must be serviced by the new car dealer or the factory warranty will be void.

Although you may have answered “true,” the correct answer is “false.”

new car service manual

It’s the law that independent repair shops can provide the services to maintain your new car warranty. Consumers are protected by The Australian Consumer Law which prohibits a manufacturer from voiding the vehicle warranty because a service was done by a non-dealer.

According to the ACL, it is illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage simply because you had routine maintenance or repairs performed by someone else. Routine maintenance often includes oil changes, tyre rotations, belt replacement, fluid checks and flushes, new brake pads and inspections.

When using a non-dealer, independent aftermarket shop to maintain your vehicle under warranty, we recommend keeping records and receipts for all maintenance that is done to the vehicle and adhering to scheduled maintenance requirements. If a warranty claim arises, these records will provide proof that maintenance has been performed in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations and requirements.

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